Edward Snowden



Edward Snowden has been called many things by people: a hero, a whistleblower, a traitor and a patriot. After leaking information on NSA surveillance to the press, he had been fleeing for his life from the CIA, the government agency Snowden worked for before the leak. For a man to risk his life just for the sake of informing the public on an infringement of what he thought were their rights to know is nobel. He deserves some form of pardon based upon a decision using the foundations for which this country was built on: democracy. 

But that’s besides the point. What the real issue here is exactly what he has been leaking, especially the recent leak on online encryption. To break it down, the NSA has been implementing methods to hack online encryption and bypass privacy, which it can apparently do with ease. With an ability like that, its safe to say that none of the information that we ever post online privately isn’t really that private. Sure, its the NSA, supposedly working in our bests interests. But if my idea of the real world serves correctly, the only person I really trust with my “personal” information is myself thank you.


So thank you Edward Snowden. You are truly a martyr, a man willing to risk it all for the rights of all of us and a knowledge of our freedoms. Good luck out there! 

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