Internet Neutrality

The internet wasn’t created by just one organization. It was a collection of networks. This larger scale network was operated with cooperation among multiple organizations that collectively agreed to share. When they did so, they were rapidly accelerating technology to increase the rate of transfers. It was done by these organizations together. On the basis of how the internet was created alone, I think net neutrality is a non issue. The spirit of the internet was that with everyone’s participation, the network of networks would grow. As Internet Service Providers give us access to these public sources, it is agreed that in our economy, capitalism dictates how everyone pays for a certain level of access in terms of broadband speed. But restricting or “capping” the amount of data just goes against the whole idea of the internet in the first place. It was created with a premise to further mankind by creating a whole new method of accessing information, and with that goal was the idea to transmit this information as fast as possible. To then start restricting this speed once further speeds can’t be reached seems like trying to milk profit out of the consumer. If the “profits” were supposed to be used to upgrade the systems and expand, then I would be all for it, but a third party has to step in to make sure this profit put forth as a required investment was not being dodged to kick back and reap. 

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