Government Shutdown

While reading through several articles, there was an overall agreement by most writers that the government shutdown can be blamed on the rivalry between Republicans and Democrats in Congress. According to sources, Republicans have tied the spending bill, which appropriates finances for the US government to operate, to the affordable healthcare act, also known as AMA but very well known as Obamacare. Because of the debate over Obamacare and tying these two pieces of legislation together, the government has shut down because it has passed the deadline while members of Congress still continue to debate over this piece of legislation. With Obamacare, most news sources, all biased in some fashion towards these ideas of what Obamacare actually is, there exists a new, public form of health insurance that is for everyone to sign up. Some of these implications of what will happen to most individuals under Obamacare is not clear, especially in its practical implications of allowing sicker, older people to be paying similar health insurance rates to healthier, younger people. But one thing is for certain: the opening of health insurance to the public, thereby removing the privatization of current health insurance, is an extremely liberal idea to most Republicans. The party will not concede allowing the government to participate in what they claim is a “socialist” idea, and the tying of Obamacare to the spending bill was done by the Tea Party to get what was essentially passed, revoked. 

Obamacare, whether it poses a threat to my current health insurance situation or helps it, seems like it means a whole lot of good for the rest of the country. For Republicans to tie this in and fight over it by holding the country hostage in a government shutdown is extremely selfish for those politicians involved. Pass the bill without any Obamacare provisions and work on that later. Don’t use a government spending bill to get a political agenda through please.

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