US Intervention in Syria

At first, the US did not intervene in Syria because the country has already faced enough disaster and taken on enough economic debt after fighting wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Political leaders and the world saw that hundreds of thousands of people suffered under the rule of current President Bashir al-Assad as he apparently used chemical weapons on his own people to quell uprisings and protests against his rule. As a clear violation of the code of Human Rights designated by the U.N., Obama nearly called in limited airstrikes into the country in order to prevent this mass murder of civilians by their own government. After finding himself in a hole against the world, Assad has agreed to open up his country for inspection and destruction of any found chemical weapons. He has denied using the weapons or authorizing such force at any point, so the US must take every precaution not to step on the toes of leaders of countries abroad for political purposes. (Eland 2013) But what is surprising is although no one can directly link the use of chemical weapons to a command made by Assad to use them, there has to be something done in order to protect these people, such as the use of a destructive unit to abolish their chemical weapons. (Deutsch & Alexander 2013) If these attacks continue, there must be an end to the killing, or we could see a remake of the Rwanda genocide, a brutal mass murder of half a country’s population.


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