MOOC (Massive Open Online Course)

Massive online open courses were created to bring the gift of education to anyone with an internet connection. The prospect of being able to get a degree online sounds fascinating and “super cheap.” (Basulto 2013) But one main focus of concern that is brought up time and time again is the ability to don an education from one of these online courses in a subject area that can be beyond the scope of an online course, like humanities subjects and literature/writing. Also, there is a huge distraction of the internet when a student must go online to get the education and they do not “feel” like doing so at the time.

Many other educators also feel that the professor profession might be at risk due to these MOOCs. (Newman et al. 2013) But the ability to bring an education to people who would otherwise have no ability to get a decent education due to their location and surroundings is a contribution that seems worthy for humanity’s sake.

Finally, one author wrote a piece that discusses all these benefits, but proves that without educators and creators of MOOCs stepping up their game to really make online courses foolproof to cheating and allowing all students to get an equal and enhanced education, there is no future for MOOCs. (Youngman 2013) It just goes to show that it is definitely prospective, but without constant improvement and innovation, it is not there yet and will not be until more work is done.

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