Actuarial Science

I’m a math guy. I’ve been good with numbers since I was young. But to tell you the truth, math has almost everything and nothing to do with being an actuary at the same time. I chose this major because it was fascinating to me to learn that mathematics had such an important application in risk management in business, especially when it involves statistics of risk. To be able to predict the future has always been mythic and explored by people for centuries. In practice, to actually use quantitative measures to predict the future and make financial decisions based off those findings is extraordinary. I want to be one of those people that can do it.

Computers are used by actuaries on a regular basis. In fact, they are highly dependent on the use of a computer in order to create the charts, crunch the calculations, and provide metrics to enhance the analysis of data obtained. Heck, computers are probably even used to obtain the data in the first place. In the extremely technologically dependent work scene we live around nowadays, it is impossible to escape the use of computer and technology.

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