Illegal Downloading

Firstly, I’m not going to defend illegal downloading by saying it is a victim-less crime, because it is obviously a crime. The property that is being illegally downloaded is sold by whoever created it in the first place as a source of income to continue producing whatever it is that worth illegally downloading in the first place.

But I will say that there is software that should be made free to the public, music that should be free to listen to, and videos that should be seen by the world without having to pay a dime. But that is not up for me to decide. There’s always ways to make money nowadays off popular things on the internet. Youtube has become a source of income for some people due to advertising, but still provides videos for people to watch. Open source projects help people use software that programmers have collectively improved on, to keep furthering innovation and ideas. And many artists provide their music free online (i.e. Pretty Lights, Radiohead) and allowed people to donate if they feel the music deserves it. It also jump starts getting music out there and eventually playing concerts for revenue.

I’m not condoning illegally downloading anything, but I think it is the role of humanity to keep things free on the internet that deserve to be free. Plus, if you really want to make money off what you do, think about more innovative ways to do it. You might just find yourself making a little more than you thought.

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