Pieces of information I consider private: information I keep to myself. Its impossible to trust everyone with your private information but you give it away freely when asked because it is a standard of society. Our population is too large to consider human anymore, and with social media and the ability to exist solely through the internet, people sometimes love the lack of privacy to open up. But that is their own agenda. What is private is up to you.

For the government and corporations to use the information from social media to “observe” the public is their own prerogative. Is it a violation of our rights? No, because we put that information up anyways. It is us using our free speech and the government freely viewing it. What they do from that point on becomes grey matter, especially when it comes to legal troubles for those who freely express themselves online via social media. So for anyone to use such information to intervene in the matters of other people I believe is unjust and unwarranted.

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