Wearable computing

With the evolution of technology and our interaction with technology, smartphones and handy computing power on the go are the future. In terms of wearable computing, I don’t see it as much as a step forward as it is a step backward. Attempting to integrate computing through what we wear such as glasses or watches is an over application of technology. It doesn’t streamline the process of using technology as much as it does complicate it. But in order to come up with the next big thing, companies are looking to expand in this generation of technology in order to provide consumers who would purchase such novelties with a product.

The benefits are that technology is available on the fly wherever you are at a moments notice. Another plus is that with wearable computing, you’re less likely to drop or leave your technology some place and forget, because you’re wearing it. The downsides though are the information that is being shared from your devices such as your location or possibly information that you may consider private that you may store on your device that could be hacked and shared without your permission. Companies such as apple have gps chips that have the ability to share information on location without the consent of the user. Although these chips are for use when authorities need to locate someone making a 911 call, the ability to manipulate such technology can be very powerful.

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